Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Guide to Choosing Black Diamond Rings

Critics say that black diamond rings are just a fad, and it's most likely that these gemstones will depreciate once the hype wears off. However, this doesn't lessen the enjoyment that males are now discovering in the precious stone. Diamonds used to be a gemstone that only women appreciated. The white perfect diamond appeared to be too flashy for the male species. This is the reason why, in most engagements, only the women wore the ring. Today is a different matter, though.

Black diamond rings have won the hearts of many men because of the character it exudes. Compared to the white gemstone that flashes light, quite literally, the black gemstone absorbs light. The darker they are, the higher it is graded, which is the complete opposite in white diamonds which is graded higher when it reflects lesser hues of color.

Transparent to translucent black diamonds are very rare. This is why if you're planning to impress your husband with this gemstone, look for rings that exude this quality. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of money, though, because these stones can definitely break your budget.

The most impressive diamond rings are set in white metal, so cross out yellow gold and other reddish metals off your list when you're planning the design. The stone looks best when set against silver, platinum, titanium and white gold rings. To bring in more contrast, you can also try setting the stone with white gemstones. White and black diamonds complement each other, and it is highly likely that when they're next to each other, their imperfections would be overlooked because the design would play on contrast.

Just because the stone exudes a more mysterious and masculine character, though, doesn't mean that it's designed specifically for males. You can give your wife or your fiance a black diamond jewel as well, as the stone's beauty is also appreciated by women. As a matter of fact, black diamonds further gained popularity in the 90s when Carmen Electra was presented with her first giant black rock.

In choosing the carat value of your diamond, make sure that you purchase stones that are not exactly 1.00 carat. These flat 1.00 carat stones are poorly cut, because it's mathematically impossible to cut a stone that weighs exactly 200 milligrams. If your black diamond rings are flat 1.00 carat ones, it's most likely that the dealer had the cut compromised to give way for the stones' carat values.

By Billy Bob Bronson

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Poor Man's Diamond Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is affordable, chic and easy to maintain. The jewelry can be worn both by men and women, and many people find their accessories collection incomplete without zirconia jewelry. The concept of fashion is dynamic and hence new trends set in quickly. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a person to keep up with it along with maintaining a budget. The jewelry never burns a hole in your pocket since they are inexpensive and are durable. You will get a great deal of variety in the jewelry. Whether you wish to buy rings, necklaces, pendants or earrings, you will get a lot variety. These are available in a wide range of designs, colors, shapes, sizes and of course prices.

Latest Trends In Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Cubic zirconia jewelry is in vogue these days. If you wish to wear costume jewelry or project the rock star image you can definitely use this huge and chunky jewelry items. In the present times large stones are worn on the fingers engraved in a ring. People even prefer citrus colors like lemon yellow, lime green, Tropicana orange and hot pink in jewelry these days.

The jewelry can transform your look and make you look hot. These complement almost any kind of dresses worn for different occasions. When the stones are set in gold or silver pieces these bring a fierce as well as a fabulous look.

The rings happen to be the most popular item. These rings can give you the over the top look or the refined look according to your preference. A cubic zirconia jewelry piece with uneven stone and bold color can give you the trendy look while a ring with an even sized stone with soft shade will lend a refined look to your personality.

Maintaining the Luster in Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
More and more women are opting for the jewelry since these are less expensive and of course easy to maintain. Especially when the zirconia stone is set in sterling silver or gold pieces they can be worn every day, with no fear of being damaged. However, you need to take a little care of these items so that the shine does not fade. You must keep the jewelry on cotton and keep them away from lotions or powders.

By Kilian Allen

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Loose Diamonds - The Perfect Way to Customize Your Jewelry

A loose diamond is the starting point of any beautiful piece of heart felt jewelry. Every piece of jewelry has to start somewhere, and what better place than with a gem? You can rest assured that once upon a time, the diamond in your most treasured piece of jewelry was loose and just waiting for the perfect setting to come sweep it off it's feet.

Whether you are on the market for an engagement ring or a tennis bracelet, a diamond that is loose is a good way to start your shopping experience. Jewelry experts often suggest viewing the loose diamonds at a jewelry shop to make sure that they are high quality before exploring the pieces they have on display. After all, if the unused gems are sub par it's a very safe assumption that the ones that have been set are going to be below your standards as well.

If you're looking for custom jewelry it's even more important to pay close attention to the loose collection at your jewelers and to be sure that the diamond clarity and cut is what you are looking for. Ask your jeweler to show you a variety of sizes so you can decide what is best suited for you needs and style. While some people may enjoy a 2 carat diamond, others may prefer something larger or smaller. The style of jewelry you intend to use the diamond for may also play into your decision on carat size.

A loose princess cut diamond can be a very popular gem for any setting. Princess cut diamonds are actually the second most popular cut of diamond and because of that, the price on them is often higher than other cuts. They are designed to have an extraordinary amount of sparkle and shine which is what makes them such a sought offer gem. A loose princess cut diamond can be transformed into any number of gorgeous types of jewelry though and will result in a keepsake that your loved one will adore for a lifetime.

If you are on the market to buy a loose diamond wholesale lot, you will be surprised at the number of things you have to consider before making a purchase. If you are just breaking into the jewelry industry you have a good bit of research ahead of you. When browsing the sale options you will be given a variety of factors that will help narrow your search. The easy part is having to choose from variety of cuts such as princess, oval or round. Then you will have to select color, diamond clarity and carat ranges. The options available are innumerable, but that's what gives each diamond it's uniqueness.

Regardless of your reason for shopping on the loose diamond market, make sure you do your research before setting out. It doesn't matter if you intend to buy a piece of crafted jewelry, if you want to design a custom engagement ring or if you are just browsing for fun, having a bit of background information will go a long way. No matter which cut, size or color you choose you are guaranteed to end up with a beautiful treasure that your significant other will love.

By Chuck Chass
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